The Cat Empire nu e o simpla trupa. E o grupare care transmite vibratii pozitive la orice show, o trupa care isi energizeaza publicul prin ritmurile de ska-jazz, reggae, latino, dub si prin piesele atent realizate ca sa aduca fericire fanilor. Trupa australiana urmeaza sa aiba un nou concert in Romania pe 31 iulie la Arenele Romane si am vrut sa stam si noi un pic de vorba cu membrii imperiului felin inainte sa ii vedem live.

La intrebari ne-a raspuns Jumps, DJ-ul The Empire.

Varianta in engleza e mai jos.

Mixtopia: Credeti ca prin alegerea numelui trupei ati pornit intreaga nebunie cu pisici pe Internet?

The Cat Empire: Haha! Cred ca intreaga obsesie si pasiune pentru toate lucrurile care au legatura cu pisici existau cu mult inainte sa apara trupa.

Mixtopia: Erati prieteni inainte sa formati trupa sau cum a luat nastere The Cat Empire?

The Cat Empire: Multi dintre membrii trupei s-au cunoscut cand cantau intr-o trupa de jazz din liceu numita The Jazz Cat. Felix, Ryan si Ollie cantau intr-un trio denumit The Cat Empire si atunci Felix s-a hotarat sa extinda trupa la ceea ce cunoaste publicul astazi.

Mixtopia: Melodiile voastre au o puternica amprenta latina. Credeti ca acesta este motivul pentru care Two Shoes este singurul vostru album numarul 1, asta pentru ca a fost inregistrat in Cuba? Credeti in astfel de coincidente?

The Cat Empire: Nu, nici pe departe. Personal, eu cred ca succesul se contorizeaza in functie de numarul de oameni care vin la concerte, nu in functie de topurile si clasamentele de specialitate.

Mixtopia: Multe trupe s-au saturat sa cante live hiturile chiar daca publicul abia asteapta sa auda fix acele melodii. Vi s-a intamplat si voua asta, v-ati saturat sa cantati Two Shows, The Lost Song si alte hituri?

The Cat Empire: Da, am trecut si noi printr-o faza asemanatoare in care anumiti membri ai trupei erau satui sa cante anumite melodii. Totusi, in ultimii ani, am acceptat ideea ca avem un anumit repertoriu si ca e datoria noastra sa continuam sa cantam aceste piese publicului.

Mixtopia: Care este secretul acestei vieti lungi si prospere a trupei The Cat Empire? Au fost momente de cumpana de-a lungul existentei voastre?

The Cat Empire: Cred ca cel mai important aspect al acestei cariere lungi The Cat Empire este constientizarea vietilor noastre in afara trupei, parte care are o influenta directa asupra modului in care trupa creeaza si interactioneaza la nivel personal.

Mixtopia: Cum e sa compui si sa canti o muzica atat de vibranta si energizanta? Va energizeaza si pe voi asa cum e si in cazul publicului?

The Cat Empire: Nu sunt compozitor, dar iau parte la crearea pieselor si e o experienta incredibila sa vezi cum melodiile noi create in sala de repetitii ajung pe scena, un proces fermecator pentru orice trupa.

Mixtopia: In toti acesti ani de turnee si concerte, ati ajuns la vreo concluzie inteleapta referitor la ceea ce ii face pe fani fericiti? Care sunt ingredientele secrete?

The Cat Empire: Sa-i faci pe fani sa rada, sa zambeasca, sa planga si sa danseze, sa le oferi in timpul spectacolului momente pe care nu le vor uita.

Mixtopia: Care e cel mai bun moment al vostru pe scena, unul de care sa fiti foarte mandri.

The Cat Empire: Sarbatoarea a show-ului cu numarul 1000 in Melbourne, un concert cu intrare libera la Federation Square, un spectacol pe care nu-l voi uita.

Mixtopia: Care e cel mai rusinos moment al vostru pe scena, unul de care nu sunteti deloc mandri.

The Cat Empire: Acum mult timp am cazut de pe scena la un show in Sydney pentru ca bausem un pic prea mult, nici pe departe cel mai mandru moment al vietii mele.

Mixtopia: Voi va alegeti trupele din deschidere, aveti vreun cuvant de zis in ceea ce priveste trupele care sa cante in deschiderea concertului vostru? Ati ascultat trupele care vor canta inaintea voastra la concertul din Bucuresti, ce parere aveti despre ele?

The Cat Empire: La festivaluri, line-up-ul este in afara puterilor noastre decizionale, dar la concertele noastre intotdeauna ne alegem trupele din deschidere. Dar nu, eu nu am ascultat trupele care vor canta inaintea noastra in Bucuresti, dar abia astept sa le aud.

Interviul in engleza:

Mixtopia: Do you think, choosing the name you chose, you started the whole Internet trend with all the cats?

The Cat Empire: HaHa! I think the obsession and love of all things to do with Cats existed a long time before the band was formed!

Mixtopia: Were you also friends before starting the band? Or how did The Cat Empire happen?

The Cat Empire: Most of the band met while playing in a high school jazz band called the Jazz Cat. Felix, Ryan and Ollie played as a trio called The Cat Empire and then Felix decided to expand the members to what is today.

Mixtopia: Your songs have a very latin feel. Do you think this is the reason why Two Shoes remains your only number one album because it was recorded in Cuba? Do you believe in this kind of coincidences?

The Cat Empire: No, not at all. Personally I judge our success on people coming to our live shows and not album charts.

Mixtopia: Many artists are sick of playing their hits even tough the audience is eager to hear precisely those tunes. Did this happen to you, did you get sick of playing Two Shoes, The Lost Song and other hits?

The Cat Empire: Yes, we did go through a phase of different members getting "sick" of playing certain songs. However in recent years we have really embraced our entire catalogue (except a couple of songs!!) and feel we owe it to the fans to continue to play them.

Mixtopia: What is the secret of this long and prosper life for The Cat Empire in these times where bands group and the split up?

The Cat Empire: I think the most important part of the bands long career is an awareness of our lives outside the band, which has a direct influence on how the band operates creatively and on a personal level.

Mixtopia: How does it feel composing and singing this vibrant type of music? Does it also energize you as it does to the audience?

The Cat Empire: I am not a song writer in the band but being a part of the creation of the songs is an incredible experience, seeing new songs go from the rehearsal room to the stage is a very exciting period for any band.

Mixtopia: In all these years of touring and playing, have you reached a wise conclusion when it comes to making your fans happy? What are the main ingredients?

The Cat Empire: Making fans laugh, smile, cry and them moments they will never forget through our live shows and albums.

Mixtopia: Your best moment on stage, one that you are the most proud of.

The Cat Empire: Celebrating our 1000th show in Melbourne with a free concert at Federation Square, that show I will never forget.

Mixtopia: Your most embarrassing moment on stage, one that you're not so happy about.

The Cat Empire: A long time ago I fell off the front of the stage at a show in Sydney due to consuming a little too much, not my proudest moment!

Mixtopia: Do you get to choose the opening acts for your shows, do you get a say in the matter or how does it happen? Have you heard the bands that are going to open the show in Bucharest, what do you think of them?

The Cat Empire: At festivals the lineup is always out of our hands, but on our own tours in venues we always choose the support band. No, I have not heard the bands playing with us in Bucharest but will look forward to hearing them!

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